This hearty vegetable soup recipe is healthy easy to make and tastes fantastic it rsquo s also vegan when a vegetable broth is used since vegetables vary by seasonality feel free to swap or add different vegetables for the ones listed below kale or spinach for example is an excellent substitute for cabbage.

This incredibly tasty easy dish is all about embracing the ready made curry paste you can find some great options on supermarket shelves and they cut your cooking time in half ndash perfect for a quick midweek dinner sprinkle this pea spinach and paneer curry with crushed toasted cashews for the finishing touch feeling inspired.

Looking for a super easy slow cooker vegetable curry recipe you rsquo re in the right place just like my vegetable thai red curry ndash this crazy delicious dish is not only seriously easy to make but it rsquo s insanely healthy and cost effective too if that rsquo s not enough it rsquo s naturally vegan dairy free gluten free nut free and freezes really well.

Can i freeze vegetable curry yes this curry freezes very well allow the cooked curry to cool completely then transfer to freezer safe containers or freezer bags freeze for up to 3 months thaw completely then reheat in a saucepan set over medium heat add more stock or coconut milk if necessary what to serve with curry quick and easy.

Why this recipe for saag bhaji spinach curry works this vegetarian curry is quick and easy to make and ready in just ten minutes spinach curry is a simple flavorful and healthy way to get some greens into your diet it is a mildly spiced dish making it perfect for introducing your kids to indian cuisine.

Ingredients for chicken curry coriander cumin turmeric fennel seeds cinnamon pepper ground mustard ground cloves cayenne pepper and salt ndash these spices build incredible flavor in this dish together they create a homemade curry blend olive oil ndash used for sauteing fresh onion garlic and ginger ndash these aromatics add a key depth of flavor low sodium hellip.

I wanted something easy and quick i boiled 1 1 2 cup of water with 1 ts of curry powder i wanted to add chopped fresh ginger but i forgot added 1 cup whole wheat couscous set it aside one good thing about couscous it doesn rsquo t required cooking whole wheat couscous with curry powder no broth or coconut milk i didn rsquo t want this to rich.

Stir in curry powder and tomato puree cook 2 to 3 minutes stir in tomatoes vegetable stock cube mixed vegetables water salt and pepper to taste cook approximately 20 to 30 minutes until vegetables are well done not crunchy sprinkle with hellip.

Make this easy vegetable curry for a comforting dinner then check out our spinach chickpea potato curry vegan aubergine curry saag chana masala and other vegetarian curry recipes for more veggie options try our vegetarian chilli vegetarian paella vegetarian stew and other vegetarian recipes.

Curry pastes are mixed with vegetable oil to lock in the freshness of the ingredients and typically fried off in a pan before adding additional ingredients whilst curry powders are a mix of dried herbs that can be simply stirred into a dish at any point to add flavour this easy fish curry recipe is quick to put together and can be.

Curry paste is often mixed with coconut milk in recipes like this one and curry dishes tend to also feature a protein like chicken or shrimp and various vegetables this coconut curry soup is super quick thanks to already cooked rotisserie chicken chicken is a staple protein in all kinds of soups mdash check them all out here.

Everyday chicken curry ndash creamy mild western style curry easy thai coconut soup adjust the spiciness of this curry by using a mild or hot curry powder and adjust the amount of cayenne pepper and fresh chilli these are hellip.