Writing Skills: A beginners guide to the writing skills needed for romance novels

Writing Skills: A Beginner's Guide To The Writing Skills Needed For Romance NovelsAre you looking to cash in on the red hot “Romance” genre/niche? Do you have dreams of writing a bestseller romantic novel someday? Let’s make someday come very soon!Romance novels are some of the bestselling books out there - both for self publishers and for mainstream publishing houses. They inspire the creative juices of both aspiring and experienced authors - often resulting in some of their best work. Do you have that vision to see your story with all its twists and turns come to life at the tips of your fingers?Do you also have a need to hone your writing skills until the pen (or computer) burns with unrequited love? One day soon it may be your words conveying an intimate love story for eager readers who have impatiently waited for the next book in your series. Do you want to develop an audience of loyal readers who will always want to read your captivating romance novels? This book will teach you how the writing skills you"ll need to capture the emotions of your readers and have them trembling inside and waiting for your next bestseller.Here is a preview of what you will learn in Writing Skills: A beginner's guide to the writing skills needed for romance novelsThree steps to get started with your contentWhat to include in the first few pages: some important questions to answerHow to use the 16 steps of the ladder method to create a lovable heroSix tips to keep writer's block at bayLearn how to write believable romantic dialogue. Includes the three functions of dialogue in a story.Learn 6 tips on how to keep writer's block at baySome final bits of advice you won’t want to miss! If you do, you'll miss the heart of romantic fantasy.See what others are sayingI have decided to dive into the world of writing, and want to stick to romance novels, since they are my favorite to read and I have tons of ideas for plots. This book by CPG Writing Services really laid it all out. I loved the way this book covers the basics of writing a book, from creating the concept, developing characters, starting with an outline, and how important the first couple of pages are. I loved all the details on how to make your 'hero' attractive and intriguing to the readers by developing all the many characteristics that make the reader fall in love with the character. There is also a good chapter about how to write the best dialogue and what is needed to make your novel a "romance" novel without it sounding like porn.I will be using quite a few of the tidbits I learned in this book, and highly suggest any budding authors to pick up this book before they start writing their own romance novel.J.W.MI loved this book. I'm new to the kindle world and really would like to write something but have no idea where to start. This book has really helped me understand the simple steps in the creative process along with the structured approach to putting ideas to paper.I only buy short reads myself so for me the book was a perfect length and enough for me to research the next steps. This is a must read for anyone starting out …..John DuffyDownload your copy today! This is one of those books you should plan to read several times before moving on to any others on the subject. Its simplicity is part of its value, but don't underestimate the power of the advice provided by the authors. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: $0.99! Regularly priced at $4.99.Get your copy now! ACT NOW! Scroll to the top of the screen and click the 'BUY' button! You can begin reading Writing Skills: A Beginner's Guide To The Writing Skills Needed For Romance Novels on your Kindle device, computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Book Title: Writing Skills: A beginners guide to the writing skills needed for romance novels

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